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hanrahan golf school
hanrahan golf school

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Welcome to the Hanrahan Golf School

John Hanrahan has been in the golf business for more than 30 years. It has always been his love of the game, and his desire to pass that on, that drives him to teach others. The Hanrahan Golf School is centered on the idea that there is a successful golfer in each and every player that walks through the door. The programs and lessons offered are geared toward achieving your goals – whether it’s learning proper swing techniques, increasing the length of your drive or improving your handicap – we are here to bring out the best in every player.

The school offers a private area dedicated to learning, with many tools for improving a player’s game. Aside from the on-site instructors you will also find a physical therapist as well as a mental coach to aid in your game. The Hanrahan Golf School has heated indoor bays where you stay warm and your golf ball travels outside the full distance of your shot. The teaching bays are also equipped with video and launch monitors, which assist the golfer in their learning experience. Full service club fitting and club repair is also available along with custom club fitting to match your club to your swing.

Golf is unique in that it is a game that is able to reach a wide range of people – regardless of experience, talent, age or gender. In the midst of this age of technology, golf is a refreshing and exciting way to connect with other people and enjoy a timeless sport that has long-since been a staple of our culture.

In 2009 John Hanrahan named Northwest Region Callaway Golf Club Fitter of the Year

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hanrahan golf school